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The Dog Stars

Name        : Angel               Breed : Cocker Spaniel                  Award : Diamond

Nickname :          


Angel is 11 years old (2018), loves to annoy her younger sister, she can be a real handful, very cheeky and is always upto something.  People are shocked at her age because she is so lively.  If she could do flyball all day every day she'd be in heaven.

Name        : Archie               Breed : Cross Breed                      Award : Flyball Dog Gold

Nickname :              


Archie is run by Monica and competes with DogStar Diplomats and DogStar Devils in Open and DogStar Selection in Multi Breed.  Officially a cross breed, but probably a Labrador X Spaniel.

Name        : Bedevere        Breed : Whippet                             Award : Chica Chicana

Nickname : Zebedee              


Keith has recently taken on the mantle of running Bedevere.  Invariably seen in the air after a vertical takeoff a Harrier jet would be proud of.  Bede runs with DogStar and is never far from his dads side in and out of the Flyball lane.

Name        : Fizz               Breed : Jack Russell Terrier         Award : Flyball Dog Silver

Nickname : Bubbles    


Fizz is a JRT with attitude run by Geraldine.  She doesn't take any rubbish from the other dogs and loves Flyball.  Despite her diminuitive size she runs her little legs off down the Flyball lane and happily carries a tennis ball thats two thirds the size of her head.

Name        : Ginny            Breed : Cross Breed                     Award : Ice Blue Moon

Nickname :  


Ginny runs with Monica and is part of the DogStar Diplomats/Devils teams.  A quiet and unassuming dog she just does the business without any fuss.  

Name        : Lamorak      Breed : Whippet                           Award : Flyball Dog

Nickname : Turbo


Loves running, and running some more.  And when he's finished running he likes to go for a bit of a run.  It's possible that he believes that every dog that completes a flyball run deserves a lap of honour. Seriously fast in the flyball lane and a promising prospect for the team.

Name        : Meg             Breed : Patterdale                         Award : Flyball Dog Advance

Nickname : Bloody Patterdale


Meg is the Patterdale Terrier with the biggest bark.  Run by Sally Meg attacks Flyball with the enthusiasm you would expect from a terrier.  If she can sink her teeth in it she'// kill it, most runs from Meg are preceeded with a shout of 'NO SOFT BALLS KEITH'

Name        : Melora         Breed : Whippet                            Award : Sapphire

Nickname : Speedy


Melora is a small whippet with attitude.  Seriously fast in the flyball lane, and runs vertically up Julie to sit on her shoulders which is odd the first time you see it but becomes second nature after that.  Runs for DogStar Synergy in Multi Breed and DogStar in Open.

Name        : Merlin          Breed : Greyhound                        Award : Flyball Dog Advanced

Nickname : Stripe


Merlin is the gentle giant of DogStar.  A greyhound with attitude he generally does a few runs with the team he's been loaned to.  It's an honour to run with or to run Merlin.  Recently had to do 18 runs in one day due to circumstances.  He's still asleep 2 weeks later.

Name        : Nahkohe    Breed : Cocker Spaniel                 Award : Flyball Dog Gold

Nickname :          


Nahkohe (Cheyenne for Bear) is 9 years old (2018), and Angel's baby brother, he's Anita's home help and loves laying on her lap on his back and having his arm pits scratched.  Goes mad for a tennis ball and loves his flyball.

Name        : Pepper      Breed : Norfolk Terrier                 Award : Starter

Nickname : Tornado      


Pepper the little Norfolk Terrier who spins like a whirlwind at the start line before setting off.  Run by Sally, Pepper is a little cutie pie with massive attitude, she may be in the STarter team forever but don't get in her way or you'll know about it.

Name        : Luella           Breed : Jack Russell Terrier           Award : Starter

Nickname : LuLu


Another one of Julie and Keiths dogs.  Luella has started training with us on an adhoc basis and competing when required.  Alex was given the honour of running LuLu last time she competed.

Name        : Gilbert          Breed : Cross Breed                     Award : Starter

Nickname : Bad Ass  


Technically a cross breed, believed to be a Jackpet (Jack Russell X Whippet).  Gilbert is, according to Alex who runs him, 'Bad Ass'.  When not doing Flyball he can be found frolicking in the grass with Alex to the strains of 'Puppy Love' in the background.

Name        : Prada      Breed : Cross-Breed                       Award : Platinum

Nickname :        


Prada is a Bearded/Border Collie cross and loves flyball she gets very excited and likes to give the first dog in the team (usually Melora) a big woof as they set off and then waits for her turn.

Name        : Pickle      Breed : Cocker Spaniel                    Award : Flyball Dog Graduate

Nickname :        


Pickle belongs to Linzi who joined us in 2017.  Pickle has done really well in starters and made her open debut at Newark indoors at the end of 2017.

Name        : Molly      Breed : Red Fox Labrador                 Award : Flyball Dog Intermediate


Molly is one of  our new dogs being run by Monica she is showing great potential at training and her first starter competitions at the end of 2017.  Looking forward to an exciting 2018

Name        : Lucan     Breed : Podenco               Award :


Lucan is another of Keith's & Julie's dogs he joined DogStar as a puppy from Spain and is another of our 2017 Starters showing great potential.  When not racing he loves posing in a chair.

Name        : Scooby      Breed : Cross Bread                Award : Starter


Scooby belongs to Alice who is the youngest member of our Team and joined us in 2017.  Scooby is a ptterdale terrier cross and runs with our Starter Team.  Alice also has a puppy called Lola who is starting training with us in 2018.

Name        : Mully & Buxom    Breed : Cairn Terrier Crosees               Award : Starters

Nickname : Scruffy Gits


Mully & Buxom are mother and daughter run by Sally they are part of the Starter Team and are showing great potential (if Mully stops trolloping around the boys).