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Team Members

Julie - Team Captain

Julie started flyball in  2006  with Shrimpy the Jack Russell, an 8" height dog who specialises in jumping all of  the jumps at full height! It isnt unfair to say that Julie is the brains of the organisation (sorry Keith) and is the Flyball equivalent of Ghostbusters, whenever anything happens at a show it's Julie that gets called.  Runs Melora, Lamorak, Arthur, Lucan, and sometimes Keith.   Julie carries a dog first aid kit that turns into a portable field hospital.  When she is forced to Julie works in security vetting for the defence industry, codenamed 003.  Hmmmm.

Keith became involved in flyball when Shrimpy refused to run unless his Dad was box loading, and since then Keith has box loaded for a number of teams. Keith and Julie have a total of 16 dogs, many adopted from Jerry Green, a charity supported by DogStar.  Keith has recently started to run Bedevere and now has one arm more or less at a right angle to his body.  When not at flyball Keith runs Asselby Chucks, a small business specialising in rare breed poultry and models Mankini's for the Howden Fashionista in the evenings.  Rumours Keith is to be the new Stigg have been strenuously denied due to an injunction preventing him wearing leather in public.

Keith -  Team Manager

Sally runs the teams 'Terrorists' pack Meg, Pepper, Mully * Buxom but she's not a fussy girl and will run whatever dog is available.  Sally joined in Summer 2012 to see what it was all about and had such fun with Meg and Pepper she made it her permanent hobby introducing her new dogs as they came along.

Sally - Handler

Anita - Handler

Geraldine - Handler

Jennifer - Handler

Monica - Handler

Geraldine is one of DogStars experienced handlers having run in open since 2013.  Geraldine runs Fizz the Jack Russell and is a calm and collected influence in the ring, when she's not racing she helps out with the other teams.  

Anita is one of our Spaniel fans, and has a collection of Cocker's.  She runs with DogStar with Angel, Diplomats with Nahkohe and Tarka helps out periodically when required.

Runs Ginnie in Diddy Dogs and does a lot of work for Saving Yorkshire Dogs (SYD).   Jennifer splits her time between Flyball and other dog related activities but is an active member of the team.

Monica runs Archie and Molly and like Jennifer does other dog related activities outside of Flyball including TailWaggers and Agility.

Ginette- Handler

Ginette joined DogStar in November 2015 after moving to East Yorkshire from Scotland.  When looking for a second dog to join our Beareded/Border Collie Cross Prada a breeder suggested we might be interested in flyball.  We joined Lomond in January 2013 training on the side of Loch Lomond we survived winter training and were hooked. Here in Yorkshire we have the good fortune to be able to compete most weekends during the summer months and monthly during the winter without travelling to far.  Ginette's other dog Muffin a Spanish Water Dog is happy to have ago in Starters if needed but would much prefer to be swimming, doing agility or just sitting watching.