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If you are interested in starting flyball please see our contact details and you will be made very welcome.


Almost any breed of dog can can take part as you will see we have whippets, crossbreeds, spaniels, terriers and a Podenco.  


They dont have to be obsessed with playing ball and allthough we would  welcome young pups attending for socialisation with your older dogs, they will not commence flyball training until they are at least 10 months.


Pups can be taught ball work and running down the netted lane without jumps or box prior to this, but will not be allowed to jump the hurdles or work on the box prior to attaining this age. Box work will be dependant on the physical development of each individual dog. Dog welfare is our paramount concern.


Dogs will be brought out in starter competitions in the first instance. Dogs will only be entered for starters after their 1st birthday, in line with BFA rules.


Once the dog has attained the age of 18 months or for older dogs, shown itself to be competent and not pose a problem to other dogs whilst running in starters, it will be entered into open competition. At first it may be that it is only placed on the team sheet for practice runs, whilst it gets used to running out of netting.


At this stage if you have not already done so, you will need to gain BFA membership for yourself and your dog.

The pictures below show our smallest dog Fizz (Jack Russell), Melora (Whippet) and Lucan (Podenco) training the aim being to turn on the box using all four paws.

The first outing of 2018 on Sunday 24th February for our Starters  team DogStar Delinquents resulted in a fourth place out of a seven team division - Well done Molly, Lucan, Pickle, Teal & Buxom.


Sunday 13th May 2018 saw our Starters team in action at Eggborough with Lola (JRT) making her debut and doing really well fetching her ball and returning over the line to Alice.