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Julie & Melora Sapphire Award (50,000 points) at Newark on 17th November 2018.

Keith & Bedevere Chica Chicana Award (40,000 points) at Newark on 17th November 2018.

Ginette & Prada Platinum Award (25,000 points) at Tootfest Bradley Mills on 21st July 2018.

Anita - Angel Diamond Award (60,000 points) at the BFA Championships on 17th August 2018.

Monica - Archie Flyball Dog Gold Award (15,000 points ) at Scarborough on 4th August 2018.

Anita - Nahkohe Flyball Dog Gold Award (15,000 points) at Retford on 19th May. 2018.

Congratulations to Molly on her debut in Open at Bradley Mills on 2nd June 2018 gaining 205 points and her Flyball Dog Award and at the BFA Champs se gained her Fluball Dog Intermediate Award.

Sally - Meg Flyball Dog Advanced (5,000 points) at Epworth on 14th April 2018

Linzi - Pickle Flyball Dog Advanced (5,000 points) at Newark on 28th October 2018. Flyball Dog Graduate (3,000 points) award at Eggborough on 30th June 2018.

BFA Championship 2018 Division 43 Winners DogStar Desperados (Monica & Archie, Jennifer & Molly, Sally & Meg, Geralidine & Fiz, Anita & Nahkohe, Ginette & Ginny, Keith Box Loader) .

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DogStar Easter Madness - The title of our easter compettion was particularly appropriate this year.

However, despite the weather SYD Saving Yorkshire's Dogs raised an amazing £516.11 on Saturday from their sale of cakes, dog coats and tombola. Jerry Green Dog Rescue East Yorkshire held their dog show inside the pavillion on the Sunday and raised £260 for the rescue pups andDogStar held their own raffle and sale of books/CD's/DVD's raising £255 for Podenco Friends.

A big Thankyou to everyone

We have four new teams registered for 2018:

DogStar Juntos Podemos
DogStar Flat Caps & Whippets
DogStar Make It So
DogStar WarpDrive.