• When One Dore Closes Another Opens (Dore Review)

    Sunday Teams : 3 Weather : Indoor Crowns : 3 Tiaras : 2

    Following on from our ‘demo’ at Doncaster, we all went down to Dore, near Sheffield for another indoor competition held by Rotherham. Dore is quite a nice venue actually, although the parking is a little tight, but we all squeezed in as a team round the back.

    This was the first time for a while that we had pretty much a full complement of team members in attendance, with only the odd person missing. It was a good opportunity for everyone to catchup, although since we were running in the first three divisions in followed by ring party it was actually a reasonably busy day.

    For this competition the teams were split as follows

    DogStar Diddy Dogs Ginny, Misha, Meg, Fizz, Ellie, Fidgit

    DogStar Diplomats Seve, Nahkohe, Archie, Bedevere, Prada

    DogStar Arthur, Angel, Melora, Domino, Stripe

    We were joined for the first time at competition by our new recruit Ginette and her dog Prada so this was her first experience of racing with us.

    We’ve had mixed experience with running indoors, it does seem to throw some of the dogs off for a few legs, however, since we only ran at Dore a few weeks ago hopefully they wouldn’t have that much of an issue.

    Diddy Dogs were in first against our old rivals Commandos. DogStar won the first 2 legs of the race and with their backs against the walls Commandos mounted a rear guard, pincer movement and took the last 3 legs.

    With the second race we had a change of box loader with Keith stepping aside to let Alex have some box loading practice at a competition. Despite a couple of ball dropouts during the day Alex coped well and box loaded for the remaining races. Unfortunately Diddy’s lost the second race, and their last race of the morning, although most were quite close but Jennifer did get a crown in race 3.

    Diplomats were in next with new recruit Prada. Their first race was very close and Prada got her first runs with DogStar and performed well, slipping into the team without any issues. Given this was the first time she had run at a competition with these dogs it was a good result, although they lost the first race despite some very close racing.

    Diplomats went on to win their second race, including a crown for Monica and despite some very close racing lost their last race of the morning. All in all though a positive set of morning runs given the new team lineup.

    DogStar were in next and their first race was against Mansfield. We lost the first two legs, but came back in the last three and won those with one of the races ending 19.77 vs 19.74. It’s nice when you get two teams that have had some really good racing and hearing the comments from both sides about how good and close it was is always cool.

    DogStar won their second race in 5 legs and their last race of the morning in 3.

    With ring party out of the way we moved onto the afternoon session and Diddy Dogs were back in again. Unfortunately they lost their 4th race as well, but moved onto the 5th race and won that one, a late consolation, but a consolation none the less.

    Diplomats headed back into the ring and won both their afternoon races, ending the day with 3 out of 5 wins.

    DogStar meanwhile had a double header in the afternoon against two Commandos teams. Talk about feeling the pressure. Seeking revenge for the win over Diddy Dogs we managed to beat both Commandos teams giving us a straight 5 out of 5 wins. Teresa managed to accumulate her 15th Crown of the year which was nice.

    DogStar took a first place, Diplomats a third and Diddy’s unfortunately came in 6th. At presentation Penny picked up her Flyball Dog Award and Melora her Ice Blue Moon, although quite why Keith picked that one up is beyond me! In addition Misha earned enough points to reach her Silver award.

    All in all a generally positive days racing, and some good results. Next up Seaham for their last event at the DogHouse.

    So, onto the awards :

    The ‘Yeah, Not Phased By The Change Of Team’ award goes to Prada

    The ‘Have You Ever Run That Dog?’ award goes to Keith

    The ‘Box Loading For The First Time At A Competition’ award goes to Alex

    The ‘He Made Me Write It On The Blog’ award goes to Andrew


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