• Three Days At The Races (Eggborough Review)

    Well, Eggbororough show has been and gone and a very exciting, thrilling few days of racing it was. For the lowdown see below.

    Saturday Teams : 3 Weather : Fine Crowns : 4 Tiaras : 0 Injuries : 1

    A bright, fine, sunny day awaited us when we woke up on Saturday morning. Today we were to run DogStar Delinquents in Starters, DogStar and DogStar Diddy Dogs in the open ring. Starters was, as always a joy to watch and its fantastic to see the starter dogs coming on. The Delinquents team did eventually take 4th place which was very encouraging. Highlight of starters was Lamorak's little leg stretch around the grounds of the competition with Juie and I chasing him like a pair of demented banshees's screaming his name. Lots of people pointed us in the direction he'd gone, but there was no way we could keep up and he got back to the ring way before us. Still, that burnt off sufficient calories for a large lunch.

    DogStar had a hard fought competition in their division and eventually came out with a 4th after a 2 way tie. Andrew managed to achieve 4 perfect starts during the competition. Due to a back injury Sally was unable to run Meg, however, Paul stepped in and now also has back pain from bending down that low. After a valiant competition and a 3 way tie they eventually came 4th.

    My nose is still sore after turning in the starter lane and knocking it on Keiths shoulder which had rather unexpectedly appeared behind me (well, obviously the whole of him not just his shoulder - that would just be silly).

    During presentations several DogStar team members received their recent awards including :

    Flyball Dog Intermediate

    Domino and Nahkohe

    Flyball Dog Graduate


    Gold Award

    Bedevere and Melora

    Pearl Award


    Sunday Teams : 2 Weather : Cloudy Crowns : 1 Tiaras : 1

    Only two DogStar teams running today, DogStar Nippers in starters and DogStar Devils in Open. Nippers had a good time and Dillon performed very well in his first ever competition at just over 1 year old. Andi will be very proud of him. Unfortunately Nippers finished outside of the rosettes, but had a great time non the less.

    Devils put in a good performance and managed to secure a 3rd place with Teresa managing a Crown and Tiara despite some marginally erratic starts from Domino who was clearly feeling the frustration of not running yesterday, or alternatively had swallowed half a kilo of weapons grade plutonium at some point.

    Monday Teams : 3 Weather : Cloudy Crowns : 6 Tiaras : 0 Injuries : 1

    Multibreed day and our three teams all performed very well. DogStar Synergy in division 1 managed to post a new fastest time of 19.27 (down from 19.90) and the changeovers between Sparky and Domino are improving all the time which is helping bring the times down. Domino taking Julie down by tripping her up when she was trying to release Melora is obviously having the opposite effect though. Fidgit ran a couple of legs with us and was performing very well. Synergy eventually took 3rd place despite being seeded 5th.

    In DogStar Selection Teresa was drafted in to run Merlin (Stripe) and Rachel joined us from Commandos to run Nell. Merlin ended up running every race and is probably still in bed now. He did a sterling job for us and the team eventually came away with a well deserved 2nd.

    DogStar Diversity came away with a 3rd place rosette with Bedevere being run by Keith and trying his hand at start dog. Teresa ended up running Meg since Paul was box loading for the team. The team may have come second, but someone left a chocolate spread sandwich crust outside the ring which drove the dogs nuts. Meg and Bedevere in particular win the award for keenest noses and it was only by chance we spotted it. Once the offending food had been removed the dogs were fine, but unfortunately the damage had already been done.

    Just to add spice to the weekend Paul decided to open a rather nasty head cut on a Marquee wing nut but it soon dried up. The small pink fairies he was seeing above his head made sure everything was fine.

    All in all a good weekends racing with some very encouraging results and new seed times being achieved across several teams. On now to Parklands.......


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