• Scores on the Dore (Sheffield Review)

    Sunday Teams : 2 Weather : Dry Crowns : 3 Tiaras : 0 Birthdays : 1

    So DogStar moved onto Sheffield this week after a few weeks hiatus. This is the first indoor tournament we've done for a while so it was always going to be interesting. From past experience some dogs take a little while to adjust to running indoors on TuffSpun.

    It was Julie's birthday which she'd kept quiet! Happy Birthday Julie!

    We'd travelled to Sheffield with a new set of team lineups, so DogStar Diplomats were running with Seve, Nahokhe, Fizz, Fidgit, Bedevere and Penny. DogStar were running with Arthur, Angel, Melora, Domino and Merlin (aka Stripe).

    The day didn't start too smoothly for our long suffering manager Julie as a malfunction meant a detour via Meadowhall however, they got there in one piece and safe and sound which is what matters.

    Diplomats were in the first division in and this gave us our first opportunity to look at the venue which was an indoor industrial unit. With their customary efficiency RFT had turned it into a TuffSpun clad flyball lane, well laid out and while the lanes were closer together than we're probably used to at outdoor venues, the runback area was nice and long (about 68 feet if memory serves correctly) which was good since some of the dogs set off from quite far back (Domino for instance runs from 45 feet).

    Diplomats won their first race in 3 legs with Seve and Penny sharing lead role. Penny is really coming out of herself, and while she occassionally becomes a little shy she's turning into a very consistent little flyball dog.

    Race 2 was taken to 4 legs and race 3 went to 5 legs. Diplomats won all three races of the morning though and all the dogs including the new drafts Bedevere and Fidgit ran brilliantly. Fizz and Nahohke were their usual consistent selves.

    It was now approaching noon and after 2 divisions off DogStar were next up to run. I don't pretend to know what goes on in the mind of a dog, but it must have been like waiting for Christmas. I know that Domino doesn't settle in the car until he's run, but how do you explain to a dog that they have to wait and that they should lie down and not just pace up and down. Tricky!

    Anyway, with the new team lineup we lost the first 2 legs and then pulled things together for leg 3 before being pipped on time in leg 4. Race 2 against our friends at Commandos was a close run affair eventually running to 5 legs but we pipped them to it. Domino was initially convinced he should be running in the blue lane again (something that only happens indoors) and did attempt to do so during the warm up, much to everyone's amusement, but thankfully he did eventually realise that he was actually supposed to be in red, much to both Teresa and Julie's relief.

    Race 3 was notable for 2 reasons, it was against an empty lane and because the box loader kind of failed to attend. No seriously. I ended up emergency box loader and despite a couple of wrong sides for a couple of the dogs it went okay. The box loader, who shall remain nameless for the sake of Keith's modesty did eventually turn up during leg 3 and was swiftly given his marching orders by Ryan the judge.

    Obviously for the rest of the day there were many jokes made about this particular event!

    Notable for me was that I ended up box loading for Paws 8 in division 1 since they were short a loader. Now I've box loaded for several of the DogStar teams, but I felt the pressure of loading for another team. However, they were understanding when I was being a bit thick and I think I loaded the box okay for them so it all ended well (Paws 8 and by virtue me got a 1st and it was enjoyable and yes, thrilling, loading for a 17 second team).

    Anyway, back to DogStar, the afternoon arrived and Diplomats were back in the ring. Race 4 was won and the placings all hinged on race 5 since both teams had won 4. The racing was close with some real positives but sadly we just weren't quite quick enough and lost the race. Diplomats ended up with a very respectable 2nd place.

    DogStar were back in and unfortunately lost both of their races in the afternoon and eventually came in 4th (we were seeded 6th). There were many positives to be taken from the afternoon though, and both teams have plenty of room for improvement if they stay in these partnerships.

    Julia and Teresa both got crowns and Fidgit ran well in the left lane for the last couple of the day which is good.

    All in all a good days racing and some good performances from these new teams. Once again Rotherham put on a fantastic tournament with the usual efficiency everyone has come to expect.

    Off to Eggborough next weekend, although next weeks report will be written by our roving reporter Liz.

    Anyway, onto this weeks awards :

    Person most likely to miss an entire race goes to Keith

    Person most likely to need a 'ball bucket' if he misses another race goes to Keith

    Dog most likely to get a bit confused as to his lane assignment when running indoors goes to Domino

    Person most likely to need a crash course in flyball lights goes to Keith

    Weirdest crossover with both dogs going in opposite directions over jump 1 goes to Arthur and Domino

    Person most likely to go to flyball on their birthday goes to Julie

    Person most likely to go to Dore via Meadowhall goes to Keith

    So Keith wins this weeks competition with 4! Well done :-)


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