• Sally - Where's Your Trousers? (Eggborough Review)

    Sunday Teams : 2 Weather : Sunny Crowns : 1 Tiaras : 0 Wardrobe Malfunctions : 1

    Due to prior committments, your regular reporter was unavailable today. In true DogStar style, our roving reporter Liz stepped up to the mark and gave a very fine account of the day for us.

    Well today saw 1 open team in action and some of our babies teaming up to make a team in starters.

    First up were Dogstar, Arthur, Angel, Melora, Bedevere and of course Merlin, still basking in the glory of finally getting his advanced award. It was a 7 team division and a warm day, not great for the pointy ones, but a great mornings racing saw Liz getting a crown and DogStar winning 3 out of 3 with hardly a sweat broken.

    Unless you count box loader Sally who was sweating rather profusely after she realised that she'd had "a trouser moment". Julie came to the rescue, saving her modesty with a well placed jumper.

    Another 2 wins in the afternoon saw us looking at a clean sweep going in to the last rac,, sadly it wasn't to be, but a great last race decided on the last leg still gave us a 1st place. Nice to see the whippity king back on form turning properly for most of the day.

    Next up some of our novices teamed up with another team to play in starters, despite coming last, there were some real positives with pepper doing a full run without spinning and penny running happily with new dogs and new people. Oh and Liz managing one race running penny first and Fern last ( we'll not be trying that too often).

    So next stop Parklands in Doncaster on Saturday.

    Many thanks to Liz for filing the report!


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