• Play Misty For Me (Scarborough Review)

    Saturday Teams : 1 Weather : Sunny Crowns : 2 Tiaras : 473

    Sunday Teams : 3 Weather : Very Wet Crowns : 1 Tiaras : 0

    Scarborough is a show that spans 2 weekends, but people are allowed to stay there between the two weekends and have a holiday. Several of the DogStar team were staying all week, others having to return to the tedium of their working lives that fund their flyball 'hobby' (yeah, lets face it, it isn't a hobby, it's a way of life/lifestyle choice).

    This review covers the first weekend where DogStar Diplomats were running on the Saturday and DogStar, DogStar Diddy Dogs and DogStar Delinquents were in on Sunday.

    Saturday started a little misty but the sun soon burnt it off. As the day started to get warmer DogStar Diplomats - Domino, Archie, Seve, Nahkoe and Penny started racing in their division. The first race started well with us achieving a win and Teresa managing about 58 Tiara moments. It later transpired that the lights weren't showing the correct fault time, and Domino didn't actually need to move back as far as Scarborough sea front after all. Hey ho.

    Although we lost race 2, Seve managed to acquire enough points for him to achieve his Ice Blue Moon award, so well done Seve and Julia!

    Race 3 saw Penny's debut in the team and her first points in open, which Liz was ecstatic with. It's been an absolute joy to watch Penny coming from a timid, shy dog who would only go up to the box with Keith on it to a confident, fast, reliable little spaniel who is starting to take it all in her stride. The opposing team were NFC so this was a win for DogStar.

    Races 4 and 5 were exciting - they were really close races and everyone enjoyed them immensly and to a man (and woman) said how good they had been. All the dogs had run their little hearts out despite the increasing heat of the afternoon taking it's toll on all of them. Although we lost both races and came away 4th overall it had been a brilliant set of racing with several sub 22 second runs.

    Julie, our long suffering team captain had travelled up for the day and departed for the evening. We can't thank her enough for turning out when none of her dogs were running and the moral support is, as always, much appreciated.

    With the evening drawing in several of the DogStars pulled up chairs under the gazebo and with a blazing fire pit roasted marshmallows and had a good chin wag. It was a very nice evening that was over far too soon as night crawled in and the next days racing drew nearer.

    As Sunday opened Julie and Keith arrived for the days main events. DogStar Diddy Dogs were in first and Ellie, Misha, Fizz, Meg, Ginny and Merlin stepped up to the plate in their division, winning their first 3 races of the morning and taking everything in their stride. It was quite bizarre to see a 'Diddy Dogs' team with Merlin running in it, one of the most ironic things ever I believe.

    DogStar were running in a 7 team division, so competition was likely to be fierce. Once again they had been joined by Fidgit and in a close run fight they won the first three races, but lost the fourth. Fidgit ran in several legs and provided Bedevere with some welcome respite.

    Starters were up next in the shape of Jenna, Dylon, Penny, Fearn, Pepper and Alva. The more experienced starter dogs ran beautifully and it won't be long until they are all seasoned open dogs. Dylon ran very well despite only having done a few competitions and is one to keep an eye on. Jenna seems to have developed a habit of stopping at the box end for a look around every few runs which we'll be working on over the next few weeks, but she did several really nice runs.

    Unfortunately starters only managed a 5th in their division but their performance gives us great hopes for the future of the open teams.

    By this time in the afternoon the heavens had well and truly opened and it had turned quite cold. It wasn't so much the force of the rain but it was just kept coming down and pretty soon everyone was soaked through.

    Back over at Diddy Dogs they managed to pull in some storming runs in the afternoon and eventually managed a 2nd place in their division.

    DogStar meanwhile had a bit of a crisis as Melora had to be pulled after grazing her stopper pad. This left the team down to 4 dogs who had to try and juggle the running order since both Bede and Fidgit usually run last. Keith did manage to pull out some great starts including a 0.03 (go Keith!). Unfortunately it wasn't to be and they lost their last 2 races of the day coming in 4th overall.

    Meanwhile in the other ring Mansfield Marnicks were looking at the record and we watched as they managed to pull a 15.79 out of the bag in one of their runs, breaking the UK record. Well done Marnicks, not only had they put on a great weekend's racing but had secures the record as well by an impressive 0.17 seconds.

    As night drew in and Julie and Keith departed the remaining DogStar's sent Paul out for Pizza, which was duly delivered and we sat around in 'Chateau Paul and Teresa' (as our tent is dubbed by the team) and stuffed out. The Pizza record (35 slices, held by yours truly) was safe that night though. By 8pm it was very misty and starting to get cold and by just gone 10 everyone was making their way off to bed.

    So, see you all at Scarborough next weekend and special thanks to Julie for travelling up for 2 days from home and thanks to the Marnicks for hosting a great weekend's racing.


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