• Meatloaf Does Eggborough (Eggborough Review)

    Sunday Teams : 2 Weather : Dry Crowns : 900 (Probably) Tiaras : 0

    Due to another committment (Happy Birthday Alex!) I was at a day out at Flamingoland, so our roving reporter Liz was on hand to take notes and write up the draft report for me. Thanks Liz, always appreciated :-)

    It was always going to be a day of many crowns and furious whippets since Sparky was back. The crown accumulator that is Sparky bumped Arthur down to 2nd in the running order, much to his disdain, although it does seem to make him want to run just that little bit faster! In addation the day brought 1 new Flyball Dog Award, 1 second place and 1 first place.... all in all not a bad day for team Dogstar!

    There was an eerie fog shrouding the towers at Eggborough as team Dogstar rolled into town for the last outdoor competition of 2015. There's something sad about the end of the flyball season as it moves from outdoors to indoors for the winter. Yes, it might pee it down with rain during the summer. Yes it might take an eternity to get dry/warm/clean (delete as applicable) but there's just something about running on grass that just seems so primeval, so natural, so.... green.

    First up Fern went off to play in starters with Linnots ( thanks for having her) while Diddy dogs, which this week to be fair weren't very Diddy as it consisted of Penny, Fizz, Nakhoe, Archie, Bedevere and Fidgit took to the ring for the first race of the morning. As predicted they managed to break out on one leg doing a cracking 21.69. Oops! A team change was called for (sorry Julie, Penny and Beddy do sound the same at the back of the ring), which led to a bit of confusion and the largest crossover in Flyball history - even for Keith, but eventually we came away with the win after having to rerun the deciding race at the end of the next race because the other team broke out ( are you with me so far?)

    Race 2 was uneventful, so 2 up. Going in to race 3 Penny spotted the scary fluffy things in the other lane and decided to go scaredy bum, but with the other team down to 3 dogsit was a win, so that was 3 out of 3, and Penny with enough points for her Flyball dog!

    Division off time for a bit of Brekkie, and then up came Dogstar, which this week was Sparky, Arthur, Angel, Melora and Merlin. First race saw us racing a brand new team in Flying Dragons who were seen off in a straight 3 wins. Race 2 was on and Mr Consistent Collie Wob was being just that. Sickeningly consistent and avoiding eye contact with the black pointy stood at the side of him gobbling off like a dog possessed (you know who you are Arthur). Again we won in 3 straight runs. Race 3 came and despite a valiant effort we lost, so 2 out of 3 in the morning. But you know how that one goes 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

    So roll on the afternoon and out came the sun like a day in mid August not the last weekend of September and back out came Diddies. Once again Penny got over her nerves from the morning to run again with no problems and we won, clinically as one member of the team put it. It all came down to the last race Geordies on 4 Dogstar on 4 , so all two play for. First leg, fizz decided she wanted to go and play in the other lane , as did Fidgit. Second leg, We also lost on a light so there we were 2 down. Thankfully after a sterling effort from Archie, Fizz, Nahkoe and Beddy it was all to race for on the last race and they did it, 5 out of 5 and a shiny first place.

    So on to Dogstar. Sparky got some more crowns (like, duh!), Arthur did some more barking and we won the first race. We were relying on some of the other teams to beat barking for balls, but when it came down to it we won our last race easily, but Barking for balls had also won 4 and had beaten us so 2nd place it was. But all in all not a bad day.

    Angel and Nahkohe both received their Jade and Graduate awards respectively.

    The Dogstar Show, becomes just that - a show at The South Yorkshire gamefair next weekend, with our next competition being back indoors at Dore on the 17th October.

    So awards :

    The award for poor hearing goes to me (Liz)

    The award for the 4 minute crossover goes to Keith

    And the award for the most Patience and faith goes to our lovely captain Julie, without her none of us get anywhere.

    See you next time

    Thanks for the fine show report Liz. I did try and get the kids to cancel their birthdays (they are overrated) but they wouldn't go for it!


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