• Keith - The DogStar Marathon Man (Parklands Review)

    Saturday Teams : 1 (and a half) Weather : Sunny Crowns : 1 Tiaras : 2

    Once again, our roving reporting Liz was on hand since I was slacking off (yes, again)! Thanks again to Liz for preparing and sending through the show report.

    Today saw Dogstar (Arthur, Angel, Bedevere and Merlin) head to Extreme Racers show at Parklands in Doncaster. As with other Extreme shows it saw us running a staggered American style format and although we've now run it a number of times as a team, it just doesn't suit us. With just the one team in today we were waiting around a long time, with a staggering 2 hours 30 minutes between the last 2 races!

    Due to depleted numbers Nev was drafted in to box load, and Glen came to run Angel, both doing a great job, with the help of Andrew on our line we came away with a credible 3rd on a very hot longggggggg day. Andrew has photographic evidence of Keith running, which has previously been as difficult to capture as the proverbial blood and stone.

    Once again Penny and Fern joined forces with Paws8 babies to put in a starter team,,, Nev once again drafted in to run his own dog - that ones a natural. Penny is starting to get her confidence back a bit. 3 out of 4 races won giving us a second place.

    Next week sees us back up to more normal numbers with 2 teams in at Eggborough, oh and the ladies doing cocktails and bbqs.

    Thanks for that Liz, see you all at Eggborough!


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