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    Saturday Teams : 2 Weather : Indoor Crowns : 4 Tiaras : 0

    Seaham is the furthest we’ve travelled for a one day competition and this one was an experience for us since Teresa and I had never been to the venue. Given that this was our last opportunity to do so since the venue is closing we’re glad we had the chance to experience a different environment.

    Seaham is interesting in that it only offers a 43’ runback, and Domino generally gets released from 45. The runback area is a little tight at the end as well, but as it turns out it wasn’t as much of an issue as it could have been, although there seemed to be more space in the right (Red) lane than the left, but nothing unmanageable. The surface is also astroturf rather than the usual tuffspun used indoors.

    And so we got the kids up at 05:30 (yes they complained) and piled up the A1 to Seaham, arriving at around 7:45 in plenty of time. Julie and Keith arrived shortly after thanks to a couple of minor mishaps and Keith promptly locked Julie in the car and went to the toilet, much to the non-amusement of our long suffering team captain!

    We were running 2 teams on the day, DogStar comprising Domino, Arthur, Melora, Angel, Bedevere and Merlin and DogStar Diddy Dogs with Nahkohe, Prada, Fizz, Penny, Archie and Ginnie.

    DogStar were up first in division 1 seeded 5th, and Domino who had woken up on the wrong side of bed decided he was going to be a bit of a juvenile delinquent, running down the lane for a second go on the first leg and then trying to repeat it on the second. At this point, Julie got involved, cornered Domino, gave him a good talking to and squashed that particular problem flat. I’m not sure what she said to him, but it did the trick and he generally behaved for the rest of the day – aside from a bit of lane hogging.

    We actually managed to win the first race, but sadly things then started to go down hill. We lost the second and third races and during race 3 Melora was clearly struggling somewhat, on closer inspection she had scraped one of her pads and was withdrawn at the end of race 3.

    Diddy Dogs were up next and despite a sterling effort lost their first race. Prada did however manage to get enough points to get her Flyball Dog Graduate award. Diddy’s won the second race, but lost the third.

    In the afternoon, DogStar came back in with Ginette running Merlin in lieu of Melora. Domino had screwed his head on and was running better and things seemed to be going somewhat smoother for all the dogs with race 4 going to the 5th leg. Unfortunately the ball fell out of the box as Bedevere approached and that scotched that one. Race 5 was a loss as well, so we ended the day in 6th place. Domino joined Melora in the injury clinic with a slight muscle strain, which rest will take care of in a few days – both dogs should be fit for Newark.

    With Ginnie also pulled because she seemed to be running not quite right, Diddy’s came back in and following DogStars lead lost their remaining races as well. Likewise Diddy’s came in 6th.

    Not the most productive day for DogStar but them’s the breaks. Sometimes things just go against you but that’s true in any sport.

    Off to Newark next weekend with only DogStar, so it will be interesting to see the comparison to Seaham with the dogs running on tuffspun, although a severely depleted number of handlers will make the show interesting!

    And so onto this shows awards :

    The ‘High Security’ award for locking Julie in the car goes to Keith

    The ‘Roly Poly’ award for defective box loading goes to Paul

    The ‘Juvenile Delinquent’ award goes to Domino

    The ‘I Don’t Know What You Said But It Worked’ award goes to Julie

    The ‘Thrown in at the deep end’ award for running Merlin last minute goes to Ginette


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