• Fun In The Sun (Huddersfield Review)

    Sunday Teams : 2 Weather : Sunshine Crowns : 0 Tiaras : 1

    A bright sunny day greeted us on Sunday when we arrived in Huddersfield. The temperature was held in check a bit by the wind that was blowing off and on all day, but it brought welcome relief.

    This tournament was being run by DogHouse, and was their first tournament. Can I just say on behalf of everyone at DogStar that it was a very well run, most enjoyable tournament and it's a credit to everyone at DogHouse that they put on such a fantastic event. Well Done!

    DogStar were running in Division 3, and put in some fine performances. Keith seems to be getting more confident running Bedevere which is nice. Most humorous moment was probably Arthur doing what looked like a sealion impression with the ball. As a 'learner' box loader I tend to concentrate on making sure the next ball is loaded, so to look up and see this spectacle was slightly confusing to begin with!

    DogStar eventually took 2nd after some close racing.

    DogStar Diplomats were running in Division 6. Fidgit ran for quite a few runs in this event and despite the odd hiccup did well. Domino lived up to his nickname and didnt cope well with a running order change, stopping at the end of the lane to have a quick bark at poor Meg, whose only crime was to be unexpectedly second in the running order. Meg being Meg just ignored him.

    DogStar Diplomats managed a 1st place, which was unexpected at the time, but very welcome and posted some good times.

    This blogger did at the end drive the wrong way out of the arena, got boxed in by a caravan and had to slip by a couple of Commando's vehicles. Whoops. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, in all a good days racing, a very relaxed tournament and from the atmosphere at the end Doghouse will have a good return crowd for their next show.

    Next up, Driffield on 13th/14th June. See you there!


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