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    Sunday Teams : 3 Weather : Indoor Crowns : 2 Tiaras : 0

    And so, with much sadness we reach the last race day of 2015 at Gap Farm. From a personal perspective (for many reasons which I'll publish in another post at a later date over winter) it was a chance for reflection of the year gone by and a reminder that the next 5 weeks will be completely Flyball free (aside from a single lonely starters tournament in December which we're hosting).

    Our team lineup was pretty similar to Dore, but with a couple of tweaks. DogStar ran again with Sparky, Domino, Arthur, Angel and Melora. Devils ran with Seve, Prada, Nahkohe, Fizz and Merlin and Diddy Dogs comprised Fizz, Ellie, Misha, Fidgit, Penny and Jenna. Diddy's and Devis were running in 7 team divisions, DogStar in the usual 6.

    The running order was reversed a couple of days before the tournament so it would be Diddy Dogs, Devils then DogStar.

    Keith arrived suitably dressed like Woddy Woodpecker which was mildly amusing, although his head did look very toasty. The weather was drizzly at this point and not too bad in terms of temperature and the Marnicks were their usual efficient selves getting racing underway quickly.

    Diddy Dogs were first into the ring and during warmup Jenna was given the opportunity to have a few run backs to see what she would do. Unike last week she seemed more comfortable with the 7" jumps although did have a tendency in the first runback to go round the first jump at the box end on the way back. Installing Teresa at that end for the first run back did resolve the issue and with help from the rest of my teamies (who throughout the course of the day sacrificed a fair amount of their warm up time to Fidgit and Jenna, so thank you so much for that) she was soon running back properly.

    Diddy's won their first and second races in 4 legs which was a good start. The third one they took in 3 legs. Race 4 gave Jenna an opportunity to run in the 2nd and 3rd legs and she delivered the goods for me. The cheers from the team and the congratulations from Judge Moe are something that will linger long in the memory!

    Race 5 was a harder fought affair going to 5 legs, but we won and entered the last race having won 5 out of 6. Jenna was once again given the opportunity to stretch her legs and we tried our hardest, but lost the last race. Still a 5 out of 6 result was excellent and once again our new resident Box Loader in Alex did well.

    During the course of all this it's worth mentioning that poor Fizz was interfered with a few times, run over at one point and generally had a bit of a miserable time of it!

    Devils were second up and got off to a good start with a win in 3 legs. Our new recruit Prada had slotted into the team well and all the dogs seemed to be running well. Due to a back injury Lesley had entrusted Teresa with the hallowed running of the wizard boy Merlin.

    The second race didn't go quite as well and we were beaten in 3 legs. In race 3 we took it to 5 legs again but unfortunately lost out but the icing on the cake was that Merlin got his first ever perfect start.

    Race 4 was another 3 leg loss but we turned it around in race 5 with a 3 leg win followed by 4 leg win, so overall took 3 of the 6 races.

    DogStar were our last team in and got off to a good start with a win in 3 legs. Race 2 also went our way with a win in 4 legs. Things kind of got a bit weird then and due to various reasons involving the odd light, an upturned bin and various other problems we ended up losing in 5 legs.

    Race 4 improved but we still lost in 4 legs and unfortunately that momentum continued to see us lose race 5.

    The day ended with DogStar 4th, Devils 4th and Diddy Dogs a magnificent 1st place. From my point of view this was excellent since this was Jenna's 1st open rosette and the kind words from Moe when we collected it were lovely.

    We also had 3 of our team collect awards, Advanced for Domino and Teresa, Graduate for Prada and Ginnette and Silver for Misha and Karen.

    For anyone that was concerned about Hannah, she was firmly tucked under a duvet in the car with Clyde who only left the car once (his choice). The wind and rain that lashed around in the afternoon was quite ferocious and resulted in an overturned kennel and missing dog at Julie's house (all found safe and well) and a trampoline bent out of shape in our garden after clearly taking off!

    And so that was it, the end of racing for 2015. Sad :-(

    And so onto the awards :

    Person most likely to be mistaken for a woodland bird goes toKeith

    Person most likely to resemble a cheshire cat goes to Paul

    Most happy with a 0.00 crown achievement goes to Julie

    Dog most likely to be in the next Bruce Willis film goes to Fizz

    Best box loader of the day goes to Alex

    And that's it. On behalf of our family and all the DogStar Flyball Team I'd like to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant New Year. Look forward to seeing you all at our starter tournament in a couple of weeks and for a great year of Flyball in 2016. Now work has quietened down (famous last words!) I'll be finishing the ball trek series on the website and also posting my personal review of 2015 and a couple of other posts.


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