• Fire and Brimstone (Eggborough Review)

    Saturday Teams : 3 Weather : Unbearable Crowns : 6 Tiaras : 0

    Just because I can, this week's show report is written in the style of a novel...... hey, you have to try new things!

    As the sun started it's lazy ascent across the sky, the mist shrouded the cooling towers of the power station like a scene from a 70's horror movie. Team DogStar had started to assemble in the car park, menacing and welcoming at the same time, avoided by some, sought out by others keen to bask in the glory of the teams smart Black and Gold uniforms.

    The usual suspects who hadn't camped started to arrive, congregating around the back of the DogStarMobile that carries Team Whippet into battle. Slowly but surely the gathering grew as the slight drizzle started to dampen their clothes. Keith looked into the sky, squinting against the haze of the sun and prayed to Whiptara, the Whippet goddess of Flyball - make this a good day for us oh mighty one and we will sacrifice the Pimms to you at the end of the day.....

    A call to arms was issued over the tannoy, the battle cry for the first division and DogStar, the advance regiment in todays tournament strode into the ring. Led by their mighty leader Arthur the Unstoppable the other warriors marched in legion, Melora the Quaint, Sparky the Sparkler, Merlin the Great, Bedevere the Gallant and joined by Fidgit the Fidgiter for a guest appearance. They stood and faced their adversaries across the ring and mercilessly beat all that morning, casting them aside in their advance to the greater glory that was their destiny.

    As battle drew to a close in that Division, the rear guard action started to unfold. Domino the Dominator, Archie the Calm, Seve the Focused, Meg the Ball Slaughterer, Fizz the Brave and Ginnie the Wonder were called forward to cement the DogStar teams progress. Alas, despite their brave and focussed efforts they were unable to halt the advancing armies of the other teams that fateful morning.

    Burning through the clouds the sun slowly started to clear the skies and heat the fertile land of Flyball below. With DogStar Devils in retreat the reserve army of starters in the shape of Jenna the Bling, Alva the Fast, Peppa the Fluffy, Molly the Guest, Fearne the Concentrator and Penny the Cautious. Suddenly Peppa the Fluffy was surprised by Rotty the Rotweiller appearing in the lane behind her and advancing rapidly. Thinking quickly she turned to the looming animal, narrowing her eyes she whispered the only words she could think of.

    "Do you want to take me out for dinner tonight?"

    The Rotweiller slowed, a puzzled expression on it's face. Peppa held her gaze steady and tilted her head to one side "I'm an expensive date you know". Now at a standstill, the Rotweiller looked around, searching in vain for an escape route from the lane, thankful when the owner called him away.

    "Pussy" said Peppa under her breath, fetched the ball and completed the run.

    With the skies now clear the sun beat down hard on the parched earth. All around the dogs bathed in the gloriously cool waters provided by Freewheelers the Waterers. The temperature started to touch 28 degrees, surely too hot for man and beast to continue this epic struggle.

    With a steely determination the afternoon session was hard fought with everyone battling not only against their inner demons and other teams but the fiery heat. What would the outcome of the battles be Julie wondered as her warriors returned to their vehicles, exhausted from the heat of battle and the half a lager at lunchtime. Celebrations were already starting for Louise the Slayer and her 5 perfect starts, Teresa the Domino Dancer finishing the day with 1.

    As presentation started the DogStars gather around, some waving their t-shirts to create a cooling breeze, others pouring Pimms in liberal amounts down their parched throats. DogStar, 2nd. A collective sigh was released as the team collected their rosettes, applause liberally scattered around the arena. As the other divisions were announced, DogStar Devils and DogStar Starters could only claim a 4th place in their respective divisions, but all had enjoyed their days racing. Emotions ran high as Lesley received the Honour of the Flyball Dog bestowed on Fidgit.

    With the evening drawing closer like a shroud the team said their farewells, the cry "Until our next battle brothers and sisters" rang out around the arena.


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