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    Saturday Teams : 1 Weather : Indoor Crowns : 0 Tiaras : 1

    Although we hadn’t initially got in to Newark show run by Nuneaton, we were offered a single place in the end and DogStar trouped down south, Julie and Keith with Bede, Merlin, Arthur and Melora, Teresa with Domino and Anita with Angel. Due to the short notice and other availabilities we were going to be ably assisted by Andrew and Rachel from Commandos who would respectively be running Arthur and Merlin.

    Due to the running order, there was (unusually) no early start and we set off from home at a positively barmy 8:45 in the morning. We arrived at Newark just after 10 and met up with our teammates – unusually Keith was eating a bacon sandwich which was a surprise to absolutely no-one (in fact Alex has an uncanny habit of tracking Keith’s eating habits during the course of a day and can tell you how many of each type of food he’s consumed. Stalker much!)

    And so we started racing just after lunchtime, and with a different handler it took a bit of jigging around since last time Andrew ran Arthur they were start dog, which is now where Domino runs. Domino did go for a quick second go down the lane, however, Teresa identified what was causing the issue and rectified it relatively quickly (don’t drop the glow ball, don’t drop the glow ball).

    It was during the first race that we got our fastest time of the day – 19.16 seconds. Unfortunately during the course of the first race Melora skidded off the tuff spun at the end and scraped her paw. Despite some deft first aid she would unfortunately have to be pulled out within the next race.

    During the first race Domino got enough points to achieve his Flyball Dog Advanced award, kind of symmetric in my eyes since he achieved his Flyball Dog award at Newark in January.

    Despite the issues in the first race we did actually manage to win it. Unfortunately we lost the second and third race and with Melora out of the equation now Merlin had to step into the breach and Rachel did a sterling job running him.

    Andrew and Teresa had now come to an understanding and were working well together, at one point I looked up to see Teresa knelt on the floor with Domino sitting on her knee, and behind her was Andrew knelt down with Arthur on his knee (although Andrew did have his hands behind his head). I did keep expecting them to start rocking from side to side to the strains of ‘Rock The Boat’.

    I was also asked to point out that Andrew can’t wind Arthur up like he used to. ‘Ruined’ I think is the word he used! Unfortunately due to the light system in use we didn’t get individual times.

    Unfortunately the afternoon didn’t go to plan either with us losing both races, although quite a few were close. In the end we came 5th, although that was our seeding, so it pretty much went to form.

    Off again to Dore next weekend for another indoor show run by Rotherham and with a full complement of teams. No awards this week due to the number of teams and people…….

    Thanks again to Andrew and Rachel for helping us out with running the dogs and the other Commandos who helped on the line.


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