• Breaking The Dore Down

    Sunday Teams : 3 Weather : Indoor Crowns : 3 Tiaras : 0

    An early Sunday morning, marginally chilly but not too cold heralded the Rotherham show at Dore. The usual trip down the M18 and M1 was uneventful as the DogStar show travelled down to South Sheffield, this time with 3 teams in tow.

    Sparky and Louise were joining us for the first time since September, and we pretty much had a full complement of dogs across the teams.

    For DogStar we were running Domino, Sparky, Arthur, Angel and Melora. For Devils we had Seve, Prada, Nahkohe, Bedevere, Merlin and Jenna was tagged on the end as 6th dog for a bit of practice. Diddy Dogs comprised Misha, Ellie, Penny, Meg, Fizz and Fidgit.

    Diddy Dogs made a good start winning their first race against Shawcross in 4 legs and had a bit of respite in race 2 against an empty lane. Race 3 was also a win to Diddy's in 3 legs. Race 4 brought about a bit of resistence with Brigg taking all three legs leading to Diddy's only loss of the day. Race 5 went to 4 legs but Diddy's persevered and won.

    With the results in Diddy Dogs and their adopted box loader Alex walked away with a well deserved and fought for 2nd place.

    Devils unfortunately didn't have the same fortune. It was never going to be easy with back to back races against a heckling pair of Commandos teams and although the first race went to 5 legs we couldn't quite beat them. The second race unfortunately went the same way but in a straight 3 legs.

    Race 3 was unfortunately another loss in 4 legs, with Andrew making comments about Julia's starts and 'getting her money's worth'. And why not! Sometimes as start dog (as Teresa, Louise, Karen and anyone else who starts will tell you) it's just not possible to get in sync.

    Fortunately as always with Commandos it was jest rather than seriousness. Race 4 was lost in 3 but they ended the day with a win in 5 legs in race 5 as a consolation. Devils finished the day with a 6th place.

    From a personal viewpoint I ran Jenna in some runbacks which didn't initially go too well, Jenna seeming to be a bit intimidated by the 11" jumps. In fairness I don't know who was more nervous though, Jenna or me!

    DogStar had a more fortunate day, and with Sparky and Domino sharing start spot initially they managed to take the first and second race of the day in 5 and 4 legs respectively. During racing Domino was moved to second spot when he wasn't start dog and it was quite amusing to see him trying to look round Sparky clearly believing he was in the way.

    Things quickly settled down to a rhythm and we managed to win the 3rd and 4th races. Race 5 against Copper Wires was the placing decider as both teams had won 4 out of 5 at that point. They took the first 2 legs, but with some judicious team changes we managed to win the next 2 legs. Honours even.... leg 5 was also close but we just managed to pip them and complete a clean sweep and 1st place.

    Another great Rotherham tournament. No awards this week due to the late posting of this due to work and other committments :-(


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