• Betty - That's Not A Whippet! (Driffield Review)

    Saturday Teams : 2 Weather : Overcast Crowns : 3 Tiaras : 0

    Sunday Teams : 2 Weather : Drizzle Crowns : 1 Tiaras : 1 Injuries : 2

    An overcast, drizzly weekend for the Dogstar show at Driffield. From this bloggers perspective this review covers mainly Sunday since we had to leave early on Saturday.

    On Saturday DogStar had entered the DogStar team and DogStar Delinquents, the starter team for Saturday. When we arrived on Saturday morning around 8 everything was already sorted and the rings were in the process of being set up. Being a positively leisurely start at 9am for a change there was no rush and since we were only running 4 divisions during the day we werent particularly pressed for time.

    What I do know though is that DogStar came 5th in their division and our Delinquents team a very respectable 3rd, Dillon's first rosette which Andi will no doubt be very proud of and Liz's Ferns first as well. Julia also managed to get a Crown (Perfect Start) with Alva in starters and Liz managed 2 with Arthur in Open. And Merlin (aka Stripe) achieved his Flyball Dog Advanced award!

    Sunday was another early start and we arrived at Driffield at around 8 again and set about helping with the last of the setup.

    DogStar Diplomats were running today along with our DogStar Nippers starter team. Due to 2 teams pulling out in the Diplomats division they had a couple of empty lanes to run against which made it slightly more relaxed and gave an opportunity to tinker around with the teams somewhat with no pressure which was nice. Teresa managed to get a Crown against one of the opposing teams, although they faulted so the leg had to be run again. In a rather exciting finish it all came down to the last race between 2 other teams, and the div ended in a 3 way tie with DogStar Diplomats taking 1st on time.

    In the other division we were all surprised to find the cast of Hawaii Five-O running in the lane due to a 50th birthday, but it added a welcome diversion and we even managed to play the theme tune over the PA system which caused some amusement.

    DogStar Nippers ran just before and after lunch. Jenna was unfortunately throwing a bit of a stop in the lane so Julia helped Hannah run her as first dog which she'd never done previously. Hannah/Julia managed to get a Tiara (0.00 fault) for their effort which was nice. Unfortunately due to the wet grass Julia slipped over and hurt her posterior and Hannah somehow managed to pull a muscle in her leg so Teresa ended up running Jenna. They had some really good runs, with all dogs running nicely, but we unfrotunately only managed a 6th.

    Julie ran a labradoodle/cross breed/golden retriever cross (delete as applicable) for one of the other teams which was nice in a way, although I think Julie will hurry back to the Whippets!

    Liz also passed her Judge's written exam so congratulations to her!

    With only 3 divisions today it was a nice early finish, and it was a pretty relaxed tournament. Thanks to all the judges, ring parties and competitors for making it a fun weekend. Most scary thing from my perspective - doing ring party (lights) with the head judge standing behind you......


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