• Alone in the universe and out of hot water (Parklands Review)

    Saturday Teams : 2 Weather : Fine Crowns : 0 Tiaras : 5

    An interesting Flyball contrast today as at Parklands we ran the NAFA format. For those who don't know the traditional format involves each division running the first 9 races in the morning, and the remaining 6 in the afternoon. Competing teams take it in turns to do ring party. This means that the dogs (in the morning say) will run, then have a couple of races off and then run again.

    Under NAFA the divisions are mixed and run consecutively, so a couple of races from each division will be run and then the next and so on. Each team that competes leaves a box judge at the line (so a box judge only does one race) and you still do ring party. From the dogs perspective they will run and then might not run again for 10 races, so they cool down.

    For some dogs this is probably better, for others (Domino for instance) this doesn't work so well for them. In this case we were running in 2 rings, and you didnt know which ring you were running in since it was allocated on a 'next available' basis.

    In terms of time it was roughly the same as it would be in a standard divisional format. At the end of the day there will be people for it, people against it and each side will never agree with the other (as always). Still, it was an interesting day.

    Anyway, onto the racing!

    DogStar were running in Division 4 and were only running with 4 dogs having loaned Merlin to Diplomats. Keith was running Bedevere and Paul was box loading. Lesley was running Angel, Julie was running Melora and Liz was running Arthur. Liz managed to achieve a Tiara moment (perfect, but false start). Keith is gaining more confidence running Bede and is getting better every race he runs, it's noticeable that Bede spends more time with all four legs on the ground than doing his (impecable!) impersonation of a Kangaroo. Racing was exciting (as usual with DogStar!) and in the end the DogStar team took a well fought and deserved 3rd place.

    DogStar Diplomats were running in Division 9 with Fidget, Penny and Merlin joining Domino, Seve and Archie. Teresa managed several Tiara moments (4 we think!) but no crowns and Fidgit did a great job and earned enough points to get his Flyball Dog award. Merlin did a few runs, but after his mammoth weekend at Eggborough wasn't pushed too much. Seve and Archie were consistent as usual. In the end Diplomats managed to pull a 2nd place out of the hat after a 3 way tie, getting the placing due to a fastest time of 21.88.

    An enjoyable day and we're looking forward to our first visit to Huddersfield next weekend.


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