• All Change At Platform 10

    Welcome to the 'DogStar BlogStar', the blog of the DogStar Flyball Team. Carlsberg don't sponsor Flyball Teams, but if they did..... (hey Carlsberg, if you're reading this, (a) please dont sue me and (b) fancy sponsoring a Flyball team?)

    As you can probably tell from the site, it's going through a period of 're-adjustment' with new pages being created, sub menus appearing left, right and center (well, mainly left if I'm honest since that's where the menu sits). Over the course of the next few hours/days/weeks (delete as applicable as this is dependent on work/DIY/Flyball (delete as applicable)) I'll be adding entries to the pages, updating the team members, adding some dogs, removing some dogs and putting the latest results in.

    Over the course of the updates Ill try and add some interesting stuff, and maybe even some competitions to entice you to keep coming back (yeah, no there won't be - unless Carlsberg sponsor us and then it'll likely be lager).

    So, welcome to the start of the new look website (which looks just like the old one, but with some changes) and I hope you'll stay with us as we do some virtual roadworks.....

    Happy Flyballing

    W. Chaser


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